● 3 axles in tridem, 1st and 3rd self-steering
Hydraulic inverter on pump
Anti-sway inner bulkheads
Autoclave rear door for cleaning
● Two flexible hoses with quick couplings
● Spring-loaded, height-adjustable boom with Scharmuller® swivel flanged lug
Hydraulic rest
LED lighting
Galvanized tank and tubular level indicator
● Two staves: one double-acting hydraulic and the other mechanical
● Configurable axles and wheels
Fixed fan sprinkler
Pre-preparation for inserting locators
Safety, lighting and signaling devices in accordance with current legislation

Air-braked version available on request.

Standard Product

Characteristics  Uni CH 18000 CH 20000
Indicative empty weight t 6,55 6,95
Total technical mass t 27,00 27,00
M.M.T.A. on axle(s) (≤40 Km/h) t 24,00 24,00
M.M.T.A. at coupling point t 3,00 3,00
Capacity l 18 100 20 100
Chassis Type - Self-supporting Self-supporting
Tank Length/Diameter m 6,02×2,00 6,62×2,00
Rear manhole diameter mm 950 950
Diameter - outlet valves, hoses and accessories mm/'' 200/8 200/8
Total length m 8,21 8,85
Total width m 2,55 2,55
Total height m 3,18 3,20
Level gauge diameter mm 150 150
Suspension, axles and tyres
Suspension Type - Tridem Tridem
Axle Type - Self-directional (1st and 3rd) Self-directional (1st and 3rd)
Axle square - (number of studs) mm - (no.) 120 - (8) 130 - (10)
Braking hubs mm 400×80 400×120
Axle track mm 2 000 2 100
Wheels - 385/65 R22.5 425/65 R22.5
Standard Equipment
Pump - DL 180 DL 180
Length suction tubes m 2 X 3,3 2 X 3,3
Preparation for hydraulic side arm - Yes Yes
Support leg - Hydraulic folding Hydraulic folding
N.º of anty-sway bulkheads - 4 4
PTO Shaft - Homokinetic Homokinetic



Drawbar with hydropneumatic suspension

It ensures greater stability and comfort of the tank in operation and allows the height of the hydraulic boom to be adjusted.

Independent hydraulic suspension

A wider working range and in a controlled way guarantees more stability, safety, and is adjustable.

Lift 1 axle

Essential for saving resources such as tires and fuel. Only available for hydraulic suspension.

Hydraulic side arm M, L and XL

For automatic filling, directly from the well.

2 and 3 joint upper arm

It facilitates the filling of wells or tanks that are difficult to access, whether underground or elevated.

Internal agitator

Recommended when transporting denser slurries to allow for more even distribution.

Complete emptying system

For complete emptying of the slurry tanker, regardless of the slope of the terrain.

Load transfer system

It favors the stability of the tank during spreading, improves traction on slopes, until the tank is completely empty.

Top Funnel

Funnel increasingly used in slurry tankers for slurry drainage purposes.

Chisel-type anchor locators with injectors

It allows slurry to be applied at a depth of approximately 20 cm, helping to improve nutrient utilization.

Hydraulic Locators

Suspension application, ensuring uniform distribution.

Stone Trap

Used to store rocks or heavy debris.

3-position manual and electric valve

It allows you to change the braking capacity, according to the weight of the load.

Automatic centralized lubrication

Automatic lubrication of the critical points of the equipment, it is only necessary to put grease in the reservoir.

Green Precision Basic, Pro and Plus

Slurry control and monitoring system.

May include:
1. Conductivimeter
2.Tablet/Mobile phone with Android App
3. GPS/Bluetooth receiver
4. Automatic Adufa
5. Storage of the collected data in the cloud

Galvanized boom and pump brackets

It offers greater durability of the material.

Multifunction control

Multifunction controls to control the hydraulic movements of the slurry tanker.

Primary siphon 220 mm high

Higher siphon for more efficient filling of the slurry tanker.
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