Assuming innovation as an integral part of our essence and crucial to the development of our activity, we dedicate ourselves daily to the discovery of new solutions that will add value to our equipment and, of course, to those who work with them. This is one of the reasons why Herculano is recognized today as a manufacturer of reliable, durable and superior quality agricultural equipment.

For this, we rely not only on an internal team, but also on partners such as Universities and Institutes for the elaboration of innovative projects.

Green Precision Slurry Tanker

Innovative slurry distribution system, where it is possible to adjust the quantity according to the needs of each specific location, enhancing the nutrients while protecting the crops from excess nutrients.
This equipment is also equipped with the proportional advance distribution system (DPA), where there is also a spreading control according to the tractor speed.

● Spreading precision
● Compliance with European standards
● Environmental protection
● Monitoring console (ISOBUS systems)
● Increased yield: right time, right amount, right place

Green Precision Manure Spreader

With the DPA (Direct Power Delivery) system on the spreaders, it is now possible to adjust the manure distribution according to the speed of the tractor. That is, until now, when the tractor stopped, it was necessary to close a valve or stop the conveyor, often creating excess accumulation of organic matter. With this system, regardless of speed, the distribution of organic matter is evenly deposited on each plot of land (whether hilly terrain, with steep inclines or tight curves).

● Uniform spreading
● Compliance with European standards
● Environmental protection
● Monitoring console
● Increased yield: right time, right amount, right place

EU Co-financed Projects

Objectives, activities and
expected/achieved results

HERCULANO-ALFAIAS AGRÍCOLAS, S.A., following an application submitted to the Operational Program of Competitiveness and Interconnection (POCI) under Research and Technological Development (Type R&D Enterprises), is developing this project co-financed by ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).

This project aims at the research and development of intelligent and cost-effective slurry tankers to increase the efficiency of the fertilization operation in environmental, agronomic and economic components, in line with the principles of Farming 4.0. It is intended to develop a system that integrates conductivimeter sensors (ECa) and hyperspectral sensors (VIS-NIR) for the determination of nutrient concentrations.

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