● 3 Axles with tridem suspension (tridem axle; 1st and 3r free-steering axles)
● Hydraulic independent system with 82lt/min pump (1000rpm)
● Electric control of hydraulic functions
● Folding hydraulic support leg
● Sprung drawbar (height adjustable) with Scharmuller® swivel flange ring eye
● Watertight sealed conical box with hydraulic door
● Frame made of Ferpinta® structural tube
● Backwards tipping
● Front ladder and internal stairs
● LED lights
● Configurable wheels and axles
● Toolbox
● Safety device, lighting and signaling in accordance with current legislation

Air-braked version available on request.


Standard Product

Characteristics  Uni HMB 24000
Indicative empty weight t 8,0
Total technical mass t 27,0
M.M.T.A. on axle(s) (≤40 Km/h) t 24,0
M.M.T.A. at coupling point t 3,0
Capacity 26,6 a 41,3
Interior of the box/body - -
Length m 8,00
Width m 2,30
Height m 1,50
Total length m 9,76
Total width m 2,55
Total height m 2,90
Platform height m 1,40
Total height (at max. tipping angle) m 8,38
Suspension, axles and tyres
Suspension Type - Tridem
Axle Type - Self-directional (1st and 3rd)
Axle square - (number of studs) mm - (no.) 130 - (10)
Braking hubs mm 400×120
Axle track mm 1 950
Wheels - 425/65 R22.5
Tipping angle - 49°
Tipping cylinder stages - 5
Tipping cylinder diameter/height mm 200/2950
Tiping cylinder - pressure/oil requirement bar/l 180/45,9



Hydraulic stability system

Increased tipping safety on tandem/tridem axles.

Drawbar with hydropneumatic suspension

It ensures greater stability when working and allows it to be hydraulically adjusted in height.

Front window XL

It offers greater visibility of the load.

Tipping safety cables

Sets a safe limit to the tipping angle.

Rear axle blocking cylinders

Increase tipping safety on bogie axle.

Hydraulic stability system

Increased tipping safety on tandem/tridem axles.

Remote Control Weighing System

Efficient trailer weighing system.

Grain chute

Available in various sizes.

Hydraulic independent system with standard coupling gear pump

Hydraulic pump directly coupled to the tractor's PTO.

Hydraulic double door

Optional feature - HMB trailers.

Rear hitch for 2nd trailer.

Optional feature that allows the coupling of a second trailer.

XL Toolbox (1.03×0.5×0.48 m)

Optional toolbox, 1m wide.
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