Who We Are

Since 1969.

Our history begins in 1969, in a modest workshop where the Lopes family started manufacturing small agricultural implements. Little by little the workshop grew, while modernization and market demands made the challenge greater and greater. In 1997, Herculano was acquired by the Ferpinta group, and thus we reached more than 50 years of experience. The know-how of the entire team and the search for the best market solutions made possible the expansion to foreign markets, namely New Zealand, Denmark, Angola, Mozambique, Canada, Australia, France and Belgium.
All the trailers, semi-trailers and other implements we produce are the result of a constant evolution of Herculano in search of the best market solutions, with the main objective of offering its customers increasingly reliable and better quality equipment.

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Standing by the farmers with reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions


To be a European reference of agriculture in transport and organic fertilization


- Loyalty
- Commitment
- Demanding
- Teamwork
- Fair, authentic and lasting relationships
- Innovation
- Social and environmental responsibility


We work every day to achieve total customer satisfaction through the following means

- Pursue a quality, energy and RDI management system in accordance with the NP EN ISO 9001:2015, NP EN ISO 50001:2019 and NP 4457:2007 standards, that allows to create value, produce and deliver products and services that satisfy the customer, the applicable legal requirements and the continuous improvement of performance, including efficiency, energy use and consumption;

- Ensure the availability of information and all the necessary resources to achieve the objectives and goals;

- Promote the purchase of energy-efficient products and services that contribute to improved energy performance;

- Increase the qualification of human resources, through continuous training and involvement in the company's project;

- Stimulating a culture of creativity and innovation, through an environment that is favorable to the critical spirit and initiative of the employees, that encourages teamwork and the generation of ideas and opportunities associated with them;

- Establish sustainable relationships with partners in order to leverage new opportunities for innovation;

- Continuously improve product and service quality, innovation and energy performance, and the effectiveness of the quality, energy, and RDI management system.

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