The 5 main options for Herculaneum cisterns


In this article we highlight the 5 tanker options Herculano that we consider most relevant for the daily work of any user.

If it is true that it was with small agricultural implements that Herculano launched itself into the market, it is also true that throughout these more than 50 years we have been investing in the development of new equipment and new technologies in order to meet the demands of the market.

An example of this are the tanks Herculano that, along with monocoques and multifunction trailers, have been gaining increasing importance in terms of market recognition of their reliability and durability.

In the case of the tanks, which are certainly the equipment with the most technology associated and with a larger number of extra components to its standard model, we want to highlight the 5 main options that we make available with the objective of facilitating the daily tasks of any user:


1. Several loading arms: side and top

Depending on the location of the pit and the distance the cistern will be from the site, the user can opt for one of the side arms with different lengths, or a top arm for cases where the pit is buried or elevated (you can learn more about this option in this article:



2. Choice of wheel size and brand

Depending on the use of the tank, for field or road, with a higher or lower level of soil compaction, the choice of the wheel is essential for a good performance of the equipment. Currently we offer a number of brands and references of wheels, with sizes that can go up to a Ø30.5" or Ø32".


3. Hydraulic axle suspension (per wheel)

This is a feature that ensures wheel grip even on the most uneven surfaces, as well as safer braking even on the roughest terrain. The wheel axles are always kept parallel to the chassis, providing optimum road grip and great tank stability.











4. Tracking systems

Environmental protection issues are becoming increasingly important in the industry. The localization systems come to help in the precision of the spreading, minimizing nitrogen losses and reducing odors, meeting the new European directives in this sense. Currently, in addition to the Herculano locators, we also have Vogelsang locators, which is a recognized brand in this sector.


5. Wide selection of compressor/depressor pumps

In order to cover a wide variety of needs, we have a number of pump references available: lubricated vane pumps with lubrication or lobe pumps without lubrication.

Pump capacity should always be an important factor when choosing a compressor/depressor pump, since the higher the capacity, the faster the tank will be filled or emptied. However, depending on the type of service, a pump with excessive capacity may demand more of the tractor, and may cause too much foam.


For any further clarification you can contact our sales department or any of our agents.


Jose Santos

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