The agile and robust HDPA


Herculano has in its range two trailers designed to work in the toughest environments such as the transportation of stones and aggregates, where robustness and versatility are essential factors.
The range comes in two versions, the smallest model: HDPA 16 and the largest: HDPA 25, with volumes that vary from 6m^3 to 11.3 m^3, depending on the width of the boxes that is related to the destination markets.
They feature excellent tipping properties with an impressive 56 degrees that, combined with the conical box, result in a fast and complete operation.

dumper trailer

The low center of gravity provided by the suspension in the down position, with double wishbones, considerably increases the safety and stability of the trailer even in the most demanding maneuvers.


The upper frame has several options of thickness and applied steels, including Hardox 450. The boom is spring loaded and hydraulically released as standard, and allows the application of various types of lugs.
The applicable wheels range from 550/60 R22.5 to 560/60 R22.5 and can also be equipped with the 600/50 R22.5 wheel depending on the trailer model.
The door is optional on both models and is also available in hardox.

It is truly a product of choice for the most arduous transport services.

Daniel Matias

Engineer director of the research department, responsible for innovation and product development Herculano.

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