HVR, the all-terrain grid


Herculano has a wide range of outstanding options in its harrow range, here we highlight the all-terrain,HVR.

A complete harrow that is able to work both on flat terrain and on hills, whether the terrain is harder or looser, with the ability to leave a compact footprint, following the steepest or narrowest contour.
With its optimized structure, it guarantees a lot of stability, for a good transport on terrain with more unevenness, with standard wheels 11,5/80 15,3, yet it has the capacity to incorporate wider wheels, 400/60 15,5.
If necessary, an axle with hydraulic braking can be installed for greater safety on road trips.
The range of this model can have from 20 to 30 discs maintaining a balanced weight, the disc dimensions are 26" (660mm) and the dimension between them can vary between 235mm or 260mm guaranteeing uniform work.
During the work the angle formed between the bodies can be hydraulically adjusted to obtain a better finish depending on the terrain, this angle can go up to a maximum of 50°.

Standard with a robust mechanical body leveling with double spring, ideal for flat terrain, but with the possibility of incorporating a hydraulic body leveling with a 200mm stroke cylinder, also incorporated with double spring, for use in rougher terrain helping to cover the entire area of the course.
Prepared to receive a group of crusher rollers, with hydraulic regulation, that make the terrain smoother and more uniform with the option of Ø25 steel or Ø42.4×5 tube.

It includes a boom with some adjustment points, both horizontally and vertically, to adapt to the tractor to which it is hitched and to the type of terrain. The ring that is attached to the tractor may have several flange possibilities according to the need and tractor:

If it is a grill that circulates at night, you can add the lighting kit according to the legislation, to circulate safely on public roads.

Ricardo Ferreira

Engineer Ricardo Ferreira, member of the innovation, research, and development department at Herculano, assigned to the development of products focused on soil mobilization and spreaders.

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