HTP 7 Trailer Herculano


Herculano has a product in its range with truly exceptional features, the HTP 7.

This is a semi-trailer designed for the toughest and most demanding tasks such as construction and public works work.
The extreme conditions of use, geared towards the professional user, required the trailer to be designed and produced according to the highest standards of strength and reliability.
The HTP 7 is a 3-axle semi-trailer, with a 7-meter bed, 1-meter high sides and a tapered box to better allow for material flow. This combination results in a volume of 15.8 m^3 and a payload capacity of 30 tons.
It has an extremely robust chassis and a box made entirely of 6mm thick steel, with high resistance to wear and impact (Hardox 450), ensuring a very long life for the equipment.


The rest of the equipment also meets the highest requirements:

The suspension, with parabolic springs and 36 tons of capacity;
The 150mm square axles and hubs with high or very high characteristics, namely 406×120 or 420×180, provide maximum safety guarantees. Self steered and forced steered axle options are also available;
Wheels can range from 600/55 R26.5 to truly exceptional wheels such as 650/65 R30.5 with 1620mm diameter;
Braking can also be hydraulic or pneumatic (with ALB);
At the front of the trailer, the boom has hydropneumatic suspension for greater comfort and safety on the job;
The trailer tilts an impressive 58º and the double oscillating structure in the tilting cylinder, allows the damaging efforts suffered by the structures and the cylinder itself, during tilting, to be totally absorbed, thus saving all the components;
The independent hydraulic system has a pump that can deliver up to 125 liters per minute (1000 rpm), thus providing rapid tipping;

It also has a hydraulic stabilization system, which aids in the tipping operation, allowing small compensations to be made and the tipping to proceed safely from start to finish.

LED lighting also adds a finishing touch and brightens up this fabulous product.

The HTP 7 is truly a functional, reliable and robust equipment to the image of our brand. Being a very versatile product, it can still have an evolution, especially in terms of the panels that extends its use to other tasks such as transporting silage. Can be used in transport in agricultural, industrial or even public works.

Daniel Matias

Engineer director of the research department, responsible for innovation and product development Herculano.

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