Air, the new product line Herculano


With the main objective of complying with European homologation requirements, Herculano has launched a new product line, air, with pneumatic brakes. This commitment represents the company's alignment with European markets, focusing on standardizing the product according to quality and safety standards.

For more information on European homologation, click here.

Knowing that stability and safety are two very important aspects for users, Herculano has been committed to offering reliable and safe equipment from an early stage, namely through the air braking system.
The air braking system uses the compressed air generated by the tractor to activate the brake chambers, in which the air is directed into the chambers, which apply pressure to the brake jaws, resulting in the trailer being braked. The braking force is controlled by the ALB system, which automatically adjusts the braking force according to the load on the trailer.


Several advantages over hydraulic braking include:

  • Effective braking performance: air braking makes it technically easier to meet the technical criteria required by European regulations
  • Increased reliability and safety: highly tested components, as they have been used for many years in industrial vehicles/motorcycles
  • Guaranteed environmental performance: system that does not use potentially polluting liquids, as is the case with hydraulic systems.


The products we currently have with the air version are Monocoques (HMB 2 and 3 axles, HMB RG, HTP, HDPA), Multifunction Trailers (Europa and Platform), Tanks (2 and 3 axles and RG) and Spreaders (H2RS 2 axles) - with European Approval we also have the iS1ET 1-axle multifunction trailer models, but with inertia brakes.

See here the article in abolsamia magazine where we present 3 of the air models. 


Jose Santos

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